In ancient Chinese mythology, Nuwa is another creator god after Pangu. Because of her, there are human beings in the world. She is the creator god and ancestor god worshiped by the common people for a long time.

After Pangu created the world, he finally collapsed from exhaustion, and his body turned into all things in the world. From then on, there were sun, moon, stars, flowers, plants and trees in the world. Later, a turbid air left in the world absorbed the essence of the sun and moon and turned into insects and fish. Birds and beasts give this silent and beautiful world a hint of life.

There was a goddess with great supernatural powers who traveled around and later came to the world created by Pangu. She was Nuwa. Nuwa was walking on the grassy plains. Looking around, she found rolling hills, rushing rivers, lush vegetation, birds singing gracefully, animals in groups, and fish swimming in the water. This world It’s so beautiful. So, she decided to stay.

Day after day, she enjoyed the beautiful scenery of nature, but although there were birds, animals, insects and fish to keep her company, Nuwa gradually felt lonely and alone. She always felt that something was missing, but she couldn’t tell what it was, so she could only let this feeling of loneliness grow day by day.

One day, she was walking in the lush wilderness, and the birds, animals, and fish could no longer make her happy. She walked listlessly along a river. Feeling very tired, she sat down on a stone on the river bank. The clear river water reflected her shadow, and she saw herself unhappy in the water. Then she smiled, and the shadow smiled; she frowned, and the shadow frowned, which she found very interesting. Suddenly, she understood why she felt lonely, because there was no creature like her in the world. How could those mountains, rivers, vegetation, insects, fish, birds and beasts be connected to her soul?

She thought, in this case, why not create some creatures in her own likeness to make the world lively? Having an idea, she immediately started to move her hands, grabbed a ball of yellow mud by the river, squeezed and kneaded the shadow in the water, and soon a little clay figurine was ready. Nuwa held the little clay figurine in her hand, put it in front of her mouth and blew gently. The little clay figurine started to move when it had breath. After it was placed on the ground, it moved around and kept shouting: “Mom! Mom…” Nuwa was so happy that she quickly squeezed the second one and blew it. With one breath, the second one came alive, and she squeezed the third one, and the fourth one… The more she squeezed the clay figures, the more they pinched. Later, Nuwa put them all on the ground and blew on them, and the clay figures came to life. . They have emotions, anger, sorrow, and can speak, which is completely different from those plants, birds, and beasts. Nuwa no longer felt lonely. She called these living clay people “people”. People started to move around Nuwa, but gradually many of them moved away and scattered everywhere.

With people, the world became extremely fulfilling, and Nuwa was very happy. She continued to make clay figures non-stop. But the land is so vast, people quickly dispersed everywhere, and Nuwa felt more and more tired. She thought that if this continued, there would not be enough people in the world and she would be exhausted. So, she easily pulled a vine from the cliff, stretched it into the mud and started beating it, splashing a lot of yellowish mud, which turned into little lively little people after they hit the ground. Every time she whips, many people will be produced, and they will be no different from the little people she kneaded before. This way, it will be much faster to create people. So, Nuwa happily beat her hard, and the mud fell everywhere. When Nuwa stopped, there were already enough people on the ground.

One day, she wanted to see the human beings everywhere. When she came to a place, she found some people lying motionless on the ground. It was very strange. After a closer look, she found that these little people had white hair and were very old. It turned out that they were too old and already dead. Nuwa thought, people will grow old and die. If this continues, one day all people will die. Will we have to recreate it at that time? This is too much trouble! Nuwa thought that the best way was to let humans reproduce on their own so that they could continue forever.
So, she gave these people different physical characteristics to distinguish men and women, and allowed men and women to combine to produce offspring. In order to prevent this union from causing mankind to fall into chaos, she established the marriage system. From then on, mankind can continue to develop and grow on its own, so Nuwa is also called the “goddess of marriage” or “divine matchmaker.”

Human beings can reproduce on their own, and they live happily on the earth from generation to generation. But not long after, they encountered a devastating disaster. It turned out that Gonggong, the god of water, and Zhurong, the god of fire, competed for the throne, but Gonggong was defeated. Gonggong was so angry that he hit his head against the mountain of inadequacy. After a loud noise, this big pillar supporting the sky collapsed. Then the sky tilted to the northwest, the ground collapsed to the southeast, seawater poured into the land, and floods occurred. Due to the violent vibrations, many large gaps opened in the ground, and fire was spitting out. The wild beasts in the mountains and forests were also affected, and they sprang out one after another, biting everyone they saw. Many people either drowned in water, were burned to death by fire, or were bitten to death by wild animals.

Seeing her descendants in dire straits, Nuwa was heartbroken and decided to save mankind. She traveled around the world and went to the Tiantai Mountains in the East China Sea. She found that there was five-color soil that could be used to refine stones, so she decided to refine stones there to mend the sky. She piled huge rocks on the top of Tiantai Mountain to serve as a furnace, borrowed the divine fire from the sun, put five-color soil into the furnace, and after nine days and nine nights, she finally built the five-color boulders. Then she spent nine days and nine nights repairing the sky with these colorful boulders. The sky was finally repaired, so in order to prevent it from falling down again, she cut off the four legs supporting the four poles of a ten-thousand-year-old turtle. Finally, the heaven and earth returned to their proper place, the floods entered the canals, the fires were extinguished, and peace returned to the world. Not only that, from now on, whenever the rain comes and the sky clears, five-colored clouds will appear on the horizon, making the sky more beautiful than before. People got rid of the disaster and everyone cheered.

Nuwa is the great mother of the Chinese nation. She not only created humans in her own image, established a marriage system that allowed humans to reproduce, and enabled humans to form human societies; she also bravely protected us when humans were threatened by natural disasters. In order to express their gratitude to this great mother, people built the Nuwa Temple at the foot of Tiantai Mountain. People have worshiped her for generations, and the incense has never stopped.

Although the legend about Nuwa is a myth, it is by no means fabricated. It is a portrayal of early human social life. As we all know, early humans established a period of matrilineal clan society based on blood. Women occupied a dominant position in production and life. Children only knew their mothers but not their fathers. The legend of Nuwa is a reflection of this historical period of matrilineal society. .