Huangdi fights Chiyou-黄帝战蚩尤

More than 3,000 years ago, there were already many primitive tribes and clans, large and small, on the land of China. The tribes were constantly migrating in search of places suitable for production and life. As a result, wars often broke out in order to compete for wealth and natural resources.

In the Jishui Basin in the northwest, a tribal leader Huangdi led his tribe to the Central Plains area of ​​the Yellow River Basin. It is recorded in “Historical Records: The Chronicles of the Five Emperors”: “The Yellow Emperor was the son of Shaodian, his surname was Gongsun, and his given name was Xuanyuan.” Therefore, the Yellow Emperor was also called Xuanyuan. The Yellow River Basin has a moderate climate and rich resources, so he led his tribe to settle in Zhuolu and began to develop agriculture and animal husbandry. With good natural conditions and the diligence of tribe members, Huangdi’s tribe gradually grew stronger.

At this time, the Yandi tribe living in the Jiangshui Basin also began to develop towards the Yellow River Basin. Emperor Yan was a descendant of the Shennong clan. Because he lived in the Lieshan Stone Chamber, he was also called the Lieshan clan. The Yandi tribe began to develop in the Central Plains very early, but the Jiuli tribe headed by Chi You also lived in the area where they lived. The Jiuli people still live a hunting life, and they often clash with the Yandi tribe to compete for land and wealth. The Yandi tribe was good at farming, but not good at fighting; while the Chiyou tribe was the ancestor of the later Dongyi tribe. They were rough in temperament, brave and good at fighting. It is said that the leader Chi You is extremely powerful, very tough, and can control the wind and rain. If the two tribes go to war, the result can be imagined. After the defeat of Yandi’s tribe, Yandi led the tribe to develop eastward along the Yellow River, and then encountered the Huangdi tribe. The two sides clashed. Yandi was defeated by Huangdi, and Huangdi merged the two tribes. The combination of Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang formed the backbone of the Chinese nation – the Huaxia clan, so the Chinese people also call themselves descendants of Yan and Huang.

After the two tribes merged, the Yandi tribe carried forward its superb agricultural technology and helped the Huangdi tribe develop agriculture. The two tribes quickly merged into one family and developed rapidly. In the process of development, the Huangdi tribe annexed other small tribes, and gradually the Huangdi tribe became the most powerful tribe in the Central Plains.

At this time, the Chiyou tribe of the Jiuli tribe mastered the technology of copper smelting and was good at making various weapons such as knives and crossbows. With sophisticated weapons and a brave and aggressive character, they grew rapidly through looting and seizure, and now have 81 tribal branches. Chiyou saw that the Central Plains under the Yellow Emperor’s command was rich in products, stable and prosperous, so he wanted to march into the Central Plains to replace it.

However, Huangdi was not like Yandi who was only proficient in agriculture and neglected military preparations. While uniting and annexing other tribes, his military power was constantly strengthening and improving. Helpless, Chi You’s tribe was extremely powerful. They held weapons and wore armor. They became more and more brave as they fought. Huangdi’s tribe began to retreat one after another, and soon retreated to Zhuolu. If even the base area of Zhuohuang Emperor’s tribe is occupied by the enemy, there will be no room for improvement in the future.

Yellow Emperor fights Chi Youtu

Therefore, Huang Di fought his last and called in reinforcements from various tribal branches, and launched a decisive battle with Chi You in the fields of Zhuolu, which is also known as the “Zhuolu Battle”.

The decisive battle begins. Chi You’s army rushed towards Huangdi’s tribe with loud shouts. Huangdi sent Yinglong to fight. It was said that Yinglong could fly and draw water from rivers, lakes and seas. In an instant, a huge wave rushed towards Chi You’s army. Chi You quickly summoned Feng Bo and Yu Shi to help him fight. Soon the sky became dark, lightning flashed and thunder roared, and then the wind and rain came heavily. Nothing could be seen clearly, and Huang Di’s army could not advance. Huangdi invited the goddess of heaven to help disperse the dark clouds. Soon the wind stopped and the rain stopped. The sun was shining brightly and the sky was clear. Huangdi’s army also launched a fierce attack. However, Chi You’s army was protected by armor and was invulnerable, so Huang Di’s army could not hurt them. Huangdi released all kinds of ferocious beasts that had been trained for a long time. These ferocious beasts were all fierce and tall, roaring and running towards Chi You’s battlefield. Under the sunlight, the reflection of the armor of Chi You’s soldiers dazzled the eyes of the beasts. They were suddenly angered and attacked the Chi You soldiers wearing armor angrily. Originally, Chi You’s soldiers were frightened when they saw the beasts, and when they saw them rushing toward them like crazy, they fled in fear.

Huang Di ordered his army to pursue the victory, but Chi You attracted poisonous mist from the mountains, forests and swamps in the south. Huang Di’s army lost its way in the poisonous mist. Fortunately, Huang Di was prepared. He had noticed that the Big Dipper in the sky always pointed to the north, so he followed that. A guide car was built. Huangdi launched the compass and guided the soldiers out of the fog. The Yellow Emperor’s army was overwhelming, defeating eighty-one tribal branches of Chi You, capturing Chi You alive, putting him in shackles, and finally executing him.

In “The Book of Mountains and Seas”, it is written about the battle between Huangdi and Chiyou: “Chiyou sent troops to attack Huangdi, and Huangdi ordered Yinglong to attack the wilderness of Jizhou. Yinglong stored water. Chiyou invited Fengbo and Yushi to control the attack. Wind and rain. The Yellow Emperor sent down the goddess of heaven to kill Chiyou when the rain stopped.” Gods, beasts, and even various weather phenomena participated in the battle, which shows how fierce the battle was and how long it lasted. The Yellow Emperor annexed the Yandi tribe and defeated the powerful Chiyou tribe. His prestige was so great that many other weak tribes came to ask for alliances. Soon the Yellow Emperor unified the Central Plains and became the ancestor of the Chinese nation.

The reign of the Yellow Emperor was also a period of many inventions and creations in cultural history, such as carts, pottery, wells, tripods, music, bronze mirrors, drums, etc., all appeared during this period. Some people deified the Yellow Emperor out of their worship, saying that these inventions were either invented by him or by his ministers. Therefore, according to legend, the Yellow Emperor was also a cultural hero who was good at invention and creation.